First blog post

_MG_3047.JPGHi there !

Before I start blabbering up anything, i would like to tell ya’ll that this is my very first blog post ever. Oh i am both nervous and excited at the same time.

i was waiting to write to you people since like forever. i have made many creations on paper but online is my first one. I have a lot to share, i guess, but now is not the time.

So, with this picture i’d like to greet you all out there reading my post.

Till soon. Ciao !


मार्च 2020 – पहला लेख

साल 2020| बहुत उम्मीद थी मुझे इस साल में खुद से| अभी-अभी तो ऐसा लगा था की बस अब कुछ समय और – सब संभल सा ही गया है, परन्तु तभी यह भी समझ में आया की इतने सारे जीव-जंतुओं, इतनी बड़ी दुनिया में इतने सारे लोगों के बीच में रहते हुए, मैं सिर्फ खुद की सोचूं, यह न ही इस सृष्टि को गवारा है और न ही मुमकिन|

यह किस्सा है उन लोगों का जो हिन्दू, मुस्लिम, सिख, ईसाई तो हैं, परन्तु आज अचानक इस लोगों के मुँह पर धर्म की बात कतई फिसल कर नहीं आ रही है| अभी कुछ ही दिनों पहले की घटनाक्रम की बात करें तो यह मुमकिन नहीं था| मेरे लिए यह आश्चर्य की बात है और ख़ुशी की भी|

हालाँकि यह एक बेहद ही गंभीर समय-खंड है| पूरी दुनिया में बहुत से लोग बीमार हैं, कितने ही लोग मर रहे हैं| कितने ही लोगों को न जाने बिना परिवार वालों को बताये कहाँ ही जला दिया है| निस्संदेह बहुत कष्ट होता है यह सुनकर या पढ़कर की कितने ही देशों में कितनी ही मौतें हो रही है| अस्पतालों में मरीजों कतारें बनना थम ही नहीं रही है और अभी तक कोई भी इस मुश्किल से बचने के लिए कुछ भी नहीं कर पा रहा है|

यह मेरे जीवन का एक बेहद महत्वपूर्ण वाक्या है| ऐसी घटना जो न जाने शायद तीसरे विश्वयुद्ध की शुरुआत है या फिर शायद एक नया बदलाव जो हमें फिर से हमारे होने का एहसास दिलाएगा|

Ek Sawaal

Kuch gehra tha wo paani
Kuch kashti ko toota paya
Jab pahunche beech dagar pe
Maajhi ko rootha paya

Lafzo k teer chale jab
Beparwah se hi khade the
Uski raah alag thi
Tha wo door desh ka saaya

Doob gaye hum dariya me
Tukdon me baanti kashti thi
Wo tair kinara kar liya
Humne dariya me moh basaya

Wo tair kinara kar liya
Use aur samajh na aaya
Galti kiski kiski marji
Ya kafir ne rang dikhaya!


Self satisfaction !

This is not just siblings love ❤️ It can’t be. It’s definitely more than what is stuck in this world 🌎 Your love for me is what i embrace everyday in my veins and it hurts to love you a lot.

I learnt that excess always destroys like it is destroying me like it could destroy you but you are beyond these illusions, these self-satisfactory measurements. You have attained what i am seeking that you knew what was right for you. That they think was a brave yet senseless choice to make. Yet you achieved what i could never and still on my way to have a hands on.

Here i am, still proud of you and waiting for the day when i will attain and refrain my energies and will be apart from all these illusions and fear of loosing. That day, my love, i will know, where have you been all these days ❣️

Fir milenge chalte chalte 👣

Life (Day 1)

485898_591838337497121_2017144645_nLife..!! What is it?

Have you ever wondered what life is?

We always say or complaint that life is playing with us, life has taught a lesson, life has given hell lot of pain and this cribbing goes on.

Okay. Is life a living creature ?

Does life has a life?

Does life has a soul like us?

Ever thought of such questions? Silly! Interesting! Thoughtful! or just a lame joke?!

Well. I ain’t going to tell you that. Definitely don’t wish to get an answer from me. Even I am on a journey to find answers. What life is?

Although, when i finish my journey and find the exact answer, i still will not be able to tell you that.

Surprised? Wondering why.

It is as simple as i am talking to you right now. It is my life who gave me answers, who has shown me the light. So, it’s an answer just for me, indeed. Of course i can share my journey with you or tell you the answers given to me. If you want to believe me or what i share, you will have to live your whole life, each and every moment of your aliveness same like me. Then you will nod to every answer i tell and every moment i share with you. Sounds interesting? This becomes more interesting when you know, what you experienced in your life is not yours. What i just shared are not your answers. Your life is not your life.

**You know, these last few sentences kind of freaks me out every time i reread them.**

But i must tell you that you have a better and beautiful option other that this.

“Wake up!!

Pull up your own socks !!

Get into your own shoes and start a journey to find your own answers.”

I tell you what- Don’t you worry about the journey or the destination. It will be as beautiful and wonderful as your soul.549342_600864973261124_454172379_n


Rains-An art of lying

Rains – A reason to have good food, long drives, get-together with friends, having a few booze or smokes and poof. Stress is gone. Easy, isn’t it?
I used to feel the same back when i used to live in Delhi. There life is so chill. People are relaxed, they don’t give a damn of what is happening in or around their life. Sometimes. Sometimes these same people are so concerned about your well-being or how you are putting up in the city. This concern-level increases during rains among people who drink or dope. This includes non-alcoholic beverages too. After all, not going to CCD or Starbucks lowers the standard, isn’t it?
So, I was talking about rains. A reason to keep smiling. Once i read a book cover and i was so impressed and frightened at the same time by the title as i could not read it for a good long period of time. “The Art of Dying”. I used to think this book tells us different ways of dying and i was going through acute depression those days. Hence, i chose not to read “The Art of Dying” as i was not actually preparing to die. I must really apologize Githa Hariharan for doing so.
Rains, most of the times teaches us the art of lying. It’s like that music instrument we purchased once. We feel so happy when we get it. We hang out with our new instrument, we show it to others, talk about it so much and believe it is a precious love. Once for all, we feel proud. Suddenly, we realize we don’t know what to do with it and we let it be.
We actually forget sufferings we face before it rains. We don’t realize this concept or we don’t want to.
It becomes none of our concerns when it comes to something which is not personal. We are so much addicted to this idea of let it be that it has somehow become our buzzword. We let everything be in it’s own way, place or state.
That’s how it is. Shouldn’t we think of it once again. Shouldn’t we talk about rains more often. Now is the time recheck it’s consequences too.